Had my almost, not really breakdown because my ex. Just made me loose my shit which I NEVER do. But my emotions are so fragile right now, especially being in a new city and not having a bed to sleep in (my uncles couch). Im still unsure of why i came here and he just really treated me like shit today, so i sort of lost it.

*sigh* This has been an incredibly rough couple days. I pray things get better soon. Im telling myself to be strong, be tough. You came here with a purpose. You can do this without someone by your side. Just breathe in and breathe out.

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heybuzzlightqueer asked: why are you so perf?! /.\

Oh stop it!

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Got into denver around 11pm last night and was wide awake by 4am. Tried to get some more sleep but that proved to be a little difficult with the sudden time change. Its about 7 right now which means I better start getting ready for my first day of work at DU. Wish me luck, guys! Ill need it ;)

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itsaconnerthing asked: Hi! That's awesome that you're moving to Denver! That's where I live! We should totally hang out when you're here!

Really!? Yayy!!! I need more Denver friends!

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Anonymous asked: I wisk i knew you... like personally. I hate being attracted to you just cuz of your looks. Im not trying to offend you or anything. It's just me. Youre very handsome btw. Hope you have a wonderful day... and life!

Looks fade, my dear. There’s nothing wrong with being physically attracted to someone, but be sure you’re in love with the person’s soul, too. :)

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kevkapallazzo asked: Ahh, Augsburg is great city. Enjoy your stay. :)

Thank you!! Best place ever xx

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no-receipts asked: OMG I'm jealous you're in Deutschland right now!! Munich is wonderful but I hope you drop by Berlin cause that city is rad af!! Hope you have fun traveling!!!

Thank you!! Ugh, i know, it was beyond amazing. I have onky been back for a few hours and im so badly wanting to be back there. :(

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Anonymous asked: You're handsomeness makes me want to implode.

Please dont implode! :)

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totalarianalive asked: You're so attractive.

Thank you, sweetheart :) xx

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Landed | USA

Arrived to Atlanta. Still on the plane as I write this. Ive been feeling lethargic all day. I didnt want to leave Germany, and my feelings for people are just everywhere right now. Clarity was not on the menu today. Now I have U.S. customs to go through and try to find my way to Denver for my first day of work tomorrow.


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